Frequently asked questions

Print please private individuals buy a Sack subscription Button

We will give you the bags you ordered for your Recycling collection.

Bank transfer, payment slip and from post offices.

You can give as much as you bought.

If possible, put your bags in front of your door or your mailbox, clearly visible on your private property, but if not possible, on the pavement.

If your subscriber is almost empty, you can easily renew your subscriber. You can change your address or phone number.

You can select the pick-up date at the place where you have selected the number of bags.

All our waste processing, sorting and recycling activities are carefully carried out by a large company in Basel and the surrounding area.

As the number of customers we can add to our organization increases, we can assume social responsibility.

Members receive a Login password from the respective company in order to be able to access our Website from the respective company. Members must register with us to become a Sack subscriber so that each member has their own Login password.

For example, if you report a bag withdrawal between 07:00 and 18:00 on Monday, we can pick up your bag from 07:00 on Tuesday. If you report it after 18:00, we can pick it up on Wednesday.

Yes, you can select one of the working days

If you only have the last 3 bags left, you will be reminded to renew your subscriber by email

Please do not forget to pay the subscription fee within 10 days.

For quick access to our Website, we recommend placing our Homepage with your Safari on your mobile phone.